He-Man and the Masters of the Universe mini-comic collection. (HC) (Dark Horse) (US comics) (2015)

masters of the universe, he-man, she-raTekst: Don Glut, Gary Cohn, Michael Halperin, Karen Sargentich, Christy Marx, Tim Kilpin, Gayle Gilbard, Steven Grant, Eric Frydler, Phil White, Val Staples, Robert Kirkman, Scot Neitlich, Tim Seeley --- Tekeningen: Alfredo Alcala, Mark Texeira, Larry Houston, Peter Ledger, Jim Shull, Bruce Timm, Charles Simpson, Mike Sekowsky, Jim Mitchell, Chris Carlson, Mike Vosburg, Tina Harris, Errol McCarthy, Emiliano Santalucia, Enza Fontana, Kevin Sharpe, Wellinton Alves.

In de 1980's werd er bij elke speelgoed figuur een mini-comic toegevoegd. Hier zijn alle mini-comics gebundeld !!!

Masters of the Universe (1982)

1. He-Man and the Power Sword.

2. King of Castle Grayskull.

3. Battle in the clouds.

4. The vengeance of Skeletor.

5. He-Man meets Ram-Man.

6. The ordeal of Man-E-Faces.

7. The terror of Tri-Klops.

8. The menace of Trap Jaw.

9. The tale of Teela.

10. The magic steeler.

11. The power of ... Point Dread.

12. The power of Point Dread: Danger at Castle Grayskull.

13. Dragon's gift.

14. Masks of power.

15. He-man and the insect people.

16. Siege of Avion.

17. The obelisk.

18. The secret liquid of life.

19. Double-edged sword.

20. Temple of Darkness.

21. Slave city.

22. The clash of arms.

23. Skeletor's dragon.

24. The battle of Roboto.

25. Spikor strikes.

26. The stench of evil.

27. Grizzlor, the legend comes alive.

28. Leech, the master of power suction unleashed.

29. Mantenna  and the menace of the Evil Horde.

30. Hordak, the ruthless leader's revenge.

31. The treachery of Modulok.

32. The power of the Evil Horde.

33. The flying fists of power.

34. Rock people to the rescue.

35. King of the Snake Men.

36. The terror claws strike.

37. Escape from the Slime Pit.

38. The menace of Multi-Bot.

39. The warrior machine.

40. Eye of the storm.

41. The fastest draw in the universe.

42. The hordes of Hordak.

43. Between a rock and a hard place.

44. Snake attack.

45. The ultimate battleground.

46. The search for Keldor.

47. Enter... Buzz-Saw Hordak.

48. Revenge of the Snake Men.

49. Energy zoids.

50. The Cosmic Key.

51. The power of Grayskull: the legend begins (part 1).

Princess of Power (1985)

1. The story of She-Ra.

2. Journey to Mizar.

3. The hidden symbols mystery.

4. Disappearing treasures.

5. Adventure of the Blue Diamond.

6. Across the Crystal Light Barrier.

7. A fishy business.

8. A most unpleasant present.

9. A born champion.

10. Don't rain on my parade.

11. Where hope has gone.

He-Man, the new adventures (1989)

1. The new adventure.

2. Skeletor's journey.

3. Battle for the crystal.

4. The revenge of Skeletor.

Masters of the Universe (2002)

1. He-Man versus Skeletor.

2. Smash Blade He-Man versus Spin Blade Skeletor. (nooit uitgebracht)

Masters of the Universe classics (2012)

1. The power of Grayskull: the legend begins (Reboot van het verhaal dat begon in 1982 maar nooit afgewerkt was).

2. The power of Grayskull: He-Ro unleashed.

3. The power of Grayskull: the second ultimate battleground.

Masters of the universe (1982) unpublished stories

1. Return from Terror Island.

2. Ring of dreams (alleen het script, is nooit getekend).

Hieronder enkele originele mini-comics:

masters of the universe, he-man, she-ra


MARVEL Zombies return. (Hardcover TPB) (Marvel) (US comics) (2009)

0 mz

Tekst: Fred Van Lente, David Wellington, Jonathan Maberry, Seth Grahame-Smith  --- Tekeningen: Nick Dragotta, Andrea Mutti, Jason Shawn Alexander, Richard Elson, Wellinton Alves, Scott Hanna.

Wanneer de zombie Spider-Man in een andere dimensie belandt en merkt dat die Aarde nog niet besmet is met het zombievirus, beslist hij te vechten tegen zijn honger naar mensenvlees en weer op pad te gaan als een held. Maar de verleiding naar mensenvlees blijkt groter te zijn als hij tegenover Doc Ock en zijn Sinister Six komt te staan...

Collects: Marvel Zombies return (five issues mini-series) #1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 + Marvel spotlight: Marvel Zombies return.